Celebrating our Mural on Giving Tuesday! image

Celebrating our Mural on Giving Tuesday!

Give today to celebrate the Mural created by Anthony Ortiz.

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2022 Giving Tuesday - Celebrating our Mural created by Anthony Ortiz

In Anthony's words:

I grew up in Oxnard, the son of farmworkers and UFW members. My mother, Barbara Macri-Ortiz was a board member on Cabrillo in 1990 and I remember going to board meetings in Saticoy where my sister and I would hang out in the hallway while the adults conducted their meetings. We always attended Rodney’s Christmas parties in Santa Paula, as well. Those were some of my earliest memories of life in Ventura County and my mom still works with Cabrillo as a lawyer on retainer.
I became interested in art in the 1990s as graffiti art made its way into Ventura County from LA. Over the years I met a lot of great artists in Oxnard and developed the technical skills necessary to do more than just “graffiti”. I’m a spray paint artist. I make paintings and murals using techniques that I’ve learned as a graffiti writer. I’m not a traditionally trained artist so everything I know is self-taught, with the help of mentors along the way. I love painting murals, but I also acknowledge that not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a mural, so I do a lot of relatively small-scale canvas paintings with spray paint, too. I tell my clients that, “I can paint anything!”. My goal as an artist is to paint as many public murals as I can for the communities that helped raise me.