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Cabrillo continues to improve lives with affordable housing and ongoing educational and social programs for our residents, which include farmworkers, families, veterans, seniors, and those with disabilities. People like the Felix Cervantes.

When Felix's family first moved into Cabrillo's Villa Cesar Chavez Apartments, they were a family of four. Since then, his daughter has grown, moved away and is happily married.

"Living here gave both of my children the opportunity to pursue their education," he said. "My daughter was able to obtain her master's degree, and my son is currently pursuing his Ph.D.

"Years ago I had the opportunity to go to a protest in Ventura. There, I was able to advocate for affordable apartments. Today, I am telling you that the American dream is not to own a home, it is to see our children pursue and education, and that is what Cabrillo gave my children by letting my family live here," he said.

"Cabrillo should keep helping because these apartments are a necessity, Felix said "Having a stable home and stable community helps our children develop and grow. Affordable housing gives our children a safe community. The children in Villa Cesar Chavez grow up together, study together, play together, and the bus picks them up in the morning and drops them off. This community has helped my children obtained their degrees, and for that I am grateful."

Your funds will help secure affordable housing, supportive services and resources for those most in need in Ventura County. Will you help?